PreReveal and

Most game providers live solely in the online casino world. We like to branch out and reach local C-store, bingo hall, VFW, and other markets with our titles. We have a complete HTML5 based PreReveal and Sweepstakes platform ready to be launched in your markets. With favorable revenue share deals and low startup costs, it's simple to get your new games up and running.

Looking to develop and own your own platform? We can take care of that as well. Click below to contact us and let us know what you're looking for.

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Gaming Platform

Our design and developers create on average 4 new game titles per week. We have in-house 76 titles that we supply to casinos, webshops, and other suppliers on revenue share deals and we have designed and developed over 300 game titles and systems in the last 2 years alone. Currently we provide games to over 1.3 million players, 34 suppliers, and are in every continent on the globe. We have partners and offices is the USA, Canada, the Bahamas, Europe, and the Middle East. We have expertise and have succesfully designed the following profitable gaming systems:

  • HTML5 games that are available for all platforms and mobile
  • Backend and accounting software to track game play and player data
  • Progressive jackpot systems for an enhanced player experience
  • Streaming slots that run on local land-based machines
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