Having successful and effective software can make or break a business. It can be the difference between a well run organization and a failed business. We work hard to develop specific software for all of your needs. We specialize in all types of web and land-based Gaming and Tournament Systems, Accounting Software, Human Resource Management Software, and Payroll Management Systems.

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Database Managed Software

With all Human Resource and Payroll Management systems, it's important to have a solid and secure databse that can be accessed by various users with various roles from anywhere in the world.

Accounting and Player Data

To increase revenue and maximize progits you have to know what your profits and revenues are. Understanding these elements can sky rocket your business to the next level and you'll never look back.

Mobile Platforms and Access

The world today is run on the go via all of our mobile devices. What good is any system that can't benefit from that? We build all of our systems to be easily accessible anywhere, on any device in the world.

We have developed software for clients all over the world in all facets of business. We work hand in hand and side by side with all of our clients to not only provide a beautiful system but also provide on and off-site training to insure that your staff can operate your new software perfectly.

Our clients include local small businesses, school systems, college universities, city and state governement offices, country governments and ministires, as well as casinos and game providers all over the world.

We have extensive experience in developing stand-alone gaming systems that integrate via the web with bill acceptors (such as Pyramid, Mars, ICT) as well as kiosks that operate from local player accounts and/or player cards. We also specialize in online wallet systems that operate hand in hand with land-based point-of-sale stations. Online lottery systems that pull data from all local lottery houses can also be tied into all casino systems.

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