Who we are

A Few Words About Us

The foundation for iStudios was laid in late 1999 when founded by Jared Huckaby. We have grown from a startup website, design, and computer business in a small town to a global design and development firm with offices and partnerships in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Israel, South America, and the Caribbean.

Humble beginnings set the framework and work ethic that still hold true today. At iStudios, there are no business hours and no limits. We work when I customers work in every time zone around the world.

Websites Developed
Businesses Branded
Partners Worldwide
Yearly Sales Increase

Project Launchpad

Our complete online casino platform, code named Project LAUNCHPAD is designed to bring the future of gaming to the any client big or small.

Often clients have to scour the Internet to find an online wallet and accounting system, point-of-sale software, lottery applications, online slot games, oh and then you have to tie it all together for user interface with website development and hosting...and if those tens of thousands of dollars weren't enough, you have to take out an extra mortgage to get everything certified. Well, scrap all of that. Project LAUNCHPAD brings all of that to your fingertips from one source, us. Interested in a FREE project consultation? Drop us a line.

Get Ready for Liftoff

Online Casino Platform

Mobile & Land-based

Our all-inclusive lab certified online casino platform has everything you need to launch your online casino.

Future of Gaming

Full Mobile Game Titles

The days of limited and restricted development has passed. With our streaming slots, play anytime, anywhere.

Website Development

Innovative and Effective

A website can't just be fast, it has to be attractive. A website can't just be attractive, it has to be fast. We marry the two.