Printing and Media Options

A main goal for any business is advertising. It's important to find the most effective way to advertise because it be a VERY expensive process and it's not in any business's best interest to waste money. We are glad to offer a free evaluation and consultation to determine which printing option is best for your business.

To keep costs low, we have an IN-HOUSE printing press for multiple print media such as Screenprinting (T-Shirts, tank tops, hats, bags, etc), Vinyl (banners and signs), Full Digital Print (banners, signs, flyers, business cards, and more), Promotional Printing (cups, bracelets, giveaways, etc), as well as Embroidery (polos, dress shirts, hats and more.

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Custom Designed Tees

Screenprinting doesn't exactly require an engineering degree to accomplish. Itt does get easier with time and of course becomes more effecient with experience. To an extent; ink is ink, screeens are screens, and squeegees are squeegees. We all buy them from the same place and use them in relatively the same manner. So what sets us apart? Design.

We want people (your potential customers) to see our shirts and other media and think "Cool, I want one of those!". We get calls and customers from all over the world strictly from our designs. We get excited when we see people wearing shirts we've designed! Yes we know it's geeky but we love it! The best part of it all is we offer FREE designs when we print your project and because we print such a high volume, we have the lowest prices around. Think your order is too small for us? Always ask because you may be surprised! Drop us a line and get a free quote today.

Most Popular Print Media


T-Shirts, Tanks, Bags

Having an in-house printshop let's us offer our clients the lowest possible prices around.

Digital Printing

Banners, Signs, Flyers, Cards

We take our digital designs straight to press cutting out the time and cost of the middleman.


Clean and Professional

Need a more professional look? Embroidery is great for polos, dress shirts, and hats.